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Sponsor Letter

16 July, 2011 (14:05) | Sponsorship Letters | By: admin

**** Print this letter on letterhead of your organization ****

Address of dependant sponsor

City, State, Zip Code



Entry Clearance Officer, US Embassy

Recipient Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Financial support for (write name of your dependent here)

This is to confirm that I, (write name of sponsor), am the (write your relation here such as mother/father/relation to your dependant) of (your dependant’s name) and that I will financially support (state dependant’s name). He/she is intending to join (research course/medical/engineering) who is currently studying (title of course and degree type) at the East Carolina University.

I am happy to act as financial sponsor for (dependant’s name) whilst they are in the US. I am employed/self-employed as (state your job title) on salary of $____________ per year. Please find enclosed original documentation to this letter which shows my financial resources.

If applicable, include the following: (I have already acted as sponsor for (student’s name) whilst s/he studies in the US and continue to do so).

Yours faithfully,

(Sponsor’s name and signature)