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Sponsorship Letter Format

25 April, 2011 (07:42) | Sponsorship Letters | By: admin

Sponsorship letters are frequently used by event organizers and non-profit organizations seeking financial assistance from large corporate firms, legislative organizations and other donation organizations. Sponsorship letter serves as your representative and also very first communication between you and probable sponsors therefore it is necessary to write it in appropriate format. Without having enough writing skills and knowledge about format of sponsorship letter you can’t draft it accurately. Moreover to make your letter personalized you should collect some necessary details about sponsors. You need to be careful about format of sponsorship letter such as contact details, name of addressee and information provided in the body should be placed appropriately at right place. Drafting a sponsorship letter accurately is not as simple as you think because you can often neglect some obligatory points but don’t worry because today I will discuss sponsorship letter format for your assistance.

Format of sponsorship letter matters a lot so everything should be in order and there must be no formatting error such as:


Start your sponsorship letter with the exact title of the person you are addressing (i.e. Mr., Mrs., Miss etc) the address, and date.


Your and sponsor’s contact address should be positioned separately and clearly for the ease of sponsor. It is probably written on left hand side of letter but some organizations also place it on right hand side of letter:

Your Name:
Phone Number:
Postal Code:
Email Address:


Name of Recipient:
Name of Organization:
Phone Number:





This portion of the sponsorship letter decides its nature therefore tries to make it more personalized by using names such as “Dear Mr. John” but in case if you don’t know sponsors then you can write “Dear Sir/ Madam”. You should keep directive and personalized tone of your sponsorship letter.

Body of Letter

This is the most important part of sponsorship letter because it contains purpose of writing sponsorship letter so it should be vigilantly written. In the body of sponsorship letter you will mention details of your events or any other reason of writing sponsorship letter so try to include complete details. Information in the body of letter depends upon your needs either you want to sponsor your education or event. In the body of sponsorship letter you may include below mentioned contents:

If you are writing corporate letter then commence this portion with description of the company and personal sponsorship letter should be commenced with personal introduction.

Also mention the event and its purpose in lucid terms such as “We are organizing a ___ event on ___ for fundraising.”

Request sponsorship in clear words and state your needs such as “We would be obliged if you sponsor our event…” You can provide them proper plan for example if you need banners and announcement then sort out sizes and prices of banners. Sponsorship plans make work of companies easy otherwise it can be difficult for them to find out what and how much you want.

Event Details

Sponsors need to know complete details of event like number of people attending your event, name of your chief guest, type of event, kind of publicity you will get etc so mention it also in the body of sponsorship letter.

Complimentary Close

Before closing your letter you can leave a feedback note for example “Please get back to me at (insert telephone number, address, etc.)”.

Mention your name and financial position and after your sign handover it certain person to give a personal touch to your letter. You should end your sponsorship letter like this:

Yours sincerely, / faithfully