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Sponsorship Letter Template

25 April, 2011 (07:38) | Sponsorship Letters | By: admin

________________[Your Name]
________________[Street Address]
_______________[City, State, Zip, Postal Code]
__________________[Recipient Name]
__________________[Company Name]
__________________[Street Address]
__________________[City, State, Zip, Postal Code]

Dear_____________________ [Recipient Name]

Last year, more than 150,000 youth across the state did the _______________________

(write program name here for example World Vision Canada 30 hour Famine), increasing about

(write amount collected in previous programs) to help children and communities in need all over the world.  This year, students at _____________________ (name of group) are taking part in the __________.

We are willing to aware whole public for world of hunger, poverty and injustice, and to increase sufficient funds to help children and communities in need as well as provide them hope to live happy life.

I am stating today to solicit if you would consider donating ___________________ (list specific items) to sponsor our event. In return for your munificence, we will ________________ (list specific ways your group can promote the sponsor). If you need more information about the ___________________ (write name of project) and its way to help children around world please visit ______________________ (website) or contact me at ___________________ (contact information).

We will look forward to your response. Thanks for considering our request.


_____________[Your Name]
____________[Name of group]

This is one of the best sponsorship letter template. You can use this for your own sponsorship letter with little bit changes. All the text in red color is marked for removal and explanation. So it means that you first read all the text in red and understand it then when you feel like you are done with it then you should delete this portion and write your own part in it. You will have to write little bit to make it your own. You may wanna see our posts about

Here is another one..

[Your Name]

[Street Address]

[City, State, Zip, Postal Code]


[22nd July, 2011]

[Name of Potential Sponsor]

[Address of Potential Sponsor]

[City, State (Zip code)]

Dear Sir/Madam/Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. Name:

My name is _________________ [state your name here], and I am a _____________ [mention grade] student at ______________________ [mention name of institution here] in _________________ [mention address here]. I have recently qualified an exam for becoming the student of an elite private institution named, __________________________ [give the name of the institution], that takes students on a 45 days long educational tour to European countries. The chief objective of this program is to foster leadership qualities amongst the youth of _______________________ [write name of country] and understand the dynamics of different cultures of the world.

The 45 days program is scheduled for various meetings with the government delegates of the country, corporate honchos of big firms and interactions with students of different cultures and educational background. The written exam, followed by an interview was conducted to test the skills in specific fields such as [mention names of specific subjects here such as global history, sociology and various cultures]. I feel happy to have qualified this exam and interview successfully. I am sure this tour will help me to broaden my understanding about the European history and its effect on this world. I will surely share my experience and knowledge with my classmates.

This tour has great value to me but it is too expensive also therefore I am seeking for some financial support to the expenses of tour. I know that you are very kind to students and helped several students in past therefore I have several hope toward you. I have enclosed my expense sheet and other details relating to this tour and my institutional expense.

My contact number, address and other details have also been mentioned. In case if you need more information please feel free to contact me at given contact number. I’m looking forward for your help and support.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Student

Name of the Student