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Sponsorship Proposal

16 July, 2011 (14:07) | Sponsorship Letters | By: admin

1st July, 2011

Mrs. Kimberly J. Ray

Managing Director

ABC Association Pvt. Ltd

2568 Bedford Street

Centreville, AL 14562

Dear Mrs. Kimberly:

I am referred to you by (Write the Contact Name) regarding a unique sponsorship opportunity for (Name Company).

On (Write Date Here), (Name of Organization) of (Write Name of Town) will host a (Write Nature of Party) party and drawing featuring high-end fashion accessories from around the world. This event, titled (Write Title of Event), will attract over 300 business and professional women from the (Write Name of Town) community.

Last year, (Write Title of Event) drew more than 250 attendees and the participation of 30 well-known commercial accessory and dress designers. It was cosponsored by the (Write Name of Town), (Write Name of Cosponsor) and marketed as a networking event for business and professional ladies in the downtown area. The event drew an affluent audience and its average household income was $220,000. Almost 45 percent of the attendees purchased products from the event and an additional 10 percent joined (Write Name of Organization) of (Write Name of Town) as members based on their experience.

We invite (Write Name of Company) to be the exclusive accessories boutique represented at (Write Title of Event) for 2011. In addition to being listed on all advertising and press as a sponsor of the event, (Company) will have the opportunity to host a booth at the event to display products.

Sponsorship benefits such as promotional coupons in all purses included the raffle may be used to drive traffic to (Company) after the event.

We hope to have the opportunity to share our full presentation of sponsorship benefits with you in the near future.

I will contact you on (date, time) to determine if a meeting is warranted. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me at (phone number/email) with any questions.



Event Coordinator