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Tips for Writing Quality Sponsorship Letter

25 April, 2011 (07:41) | Sponsorship Letters | By: admin

Sponsorship letter is an important document for companies who are seeking sponsorship. Properly draft sponsorship letter can win the attention of potential sponsors to convince them to facilitate you with monetary funding for special projects you are involved with. If you want funding for your event or project then you should convince them to provide you money and quality sponsorship letter can help you a lot to get necessary funds. Sponsorship letter can be a valuable asset for you if you draft it attentively. Today I will share some tips for writing quality sponsorship letter with you:

  • Before starting your sponsorship letter, do some work such as determine several items to present them accurately. In first step establish your funding needs from their company. You can prepare an open-ended letter in which you will explain your own present resources and shortfall of resources. Be careful and don’t try to give business proposal touch to your sponsorship letter.
  • In the start of letter try to describe your organization clearly and concisely to provide impressive start to your letter. You should also explain potential benefits to people as a result of their sponsorship. You can also enlighten your all successful efforts you have made during this or other projects because it will help you to establish credentials.
  • If this event or project is your new effort then you should explain who is handling this project and why you need sponsorship for this project. You need to show your confidence for the success of this project and also tell them exactly your way to utilize funds for the success of your cause. This will help them to understand that they are providing monetary funds for fruitful cause.
  • Publicity is a biggest touching factor for any sponsor or sponsorship company so you need to show them how their sponsorship will be value to their own business goodwill and image in community. You can organize press conference or invite any photographer to promote your project and sponsors through paper media. It will also help you to get desired venue for your event and also build good public relations that can be helpful in future projects.
  • You may offer them to work with their own team to build your image as a concerned and caring company.
  • You should offer them to add their logo on your project stationary, promotions and advertisements campaigns to give a good start to your project. If your sponsor is already reputable then it will be an edge to your project because several philanthropic organizations voluntarily try to join you.
  • If you know someone in sponsoring organization then you can use his/her name as reference in sponsorship letter to convince sponsors for sponsorship.
  • Corporate officers or board members can be a perfect ally for your project but make sure they are enthusiastic to support your project so contact them before using their name as reference.
  • After explaining reasons, benefits and cause you should write a complimentary line to force sponsors to support your event. Mention your name, designation and sign it for authentication.
  • Before submitting your sponsorship letter review it to ensure presence of all necessary details. Make sure sponsorship letter should be free from logical and grammatical errors. Proofread it more than twice instead of relying on MS Word spell check.
  • Try to keep your letter short and comprehensive enough to fit on a single page because business officials don’t have enough time to read your long letters. Ensure to provide accurate contact address for further communication.

Sending sponsorship letter is not enough so follow up your letter with a phone call after few days to inquire their opinion for face to face meeting.