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Tips for Writing Sponsorship Letter

5 July, 2012 (08:56) | Sponsorship Letters | By: admin

Are you planning to organize an event or is there any project in your creative mind? I know financing is one of the major hurdles in all this planning but don’t worry there are several ways to get rid of this hurdle. Sponsorship is a best way to get financial help from willing people and for this purpose you have to collect information about sponsors in your area. You should collect information regarding target sponsors of your area and for this you will make a list of 20 to 30 potential companies. You can visit their website to collect desired information regarding either they sponsored non profit organizations, their connections and criteria to grant sponsorship. After all this you have to tailor a sponsorship request letter stating that you are genuinely in need of sponsorship for your valuable project. You need to be very careful while writing sponsorship letter because it is the first communication between you and potential sponsor.

Sponsorship letter writing can be confusing to whom who is writing it first time but don’t worry because today I am sharing some tips for writing sponsorship letter. These tips will be valuable for all people so you should take a view to these tips before writing your sponsorship letter:

Format of Sponsorship Letter

A well structured sponsorship letter can be your best representative so selection of appropriate format for sponsorship letter is necessary. Sponsorship letter is a formal business letter so you can adopt format of business letters like:

  • Start with title, name and address of the sponsor.
  • Write salutation.
  • After salutation body of sponsorship letter.
  • Complimentary close followed by your name and signature.

Body of Sponsorship Letter

This is the heart of letter so while writing it consider following points:

Introduce Yourself

Your introduction is necessary so start sponsorship letter by introducing you to potential sponsor. You have to provide following information:

  • Your status either you are running an organization or club or you are an individual identity.
  • Activities of your business or your own activities as an individual identity.
  • Your reason for selecting this particular organization.
  • Why you think that this company would be interested in sponsoring you?

To increase the chances of positive response, you can share generic interest and benefits such as publicity and goodwill that your sponsorship can bring for the company.

Explain your Purpose

Sponsor has right to know about why you are in need of sponsorship so describe your purpose in-depth in the body of the letter. If you want to make this part of letter effective then you need to do some work such as collect information from friends or acquaintances working there. You can also visit website of company to know about the company’s products and services. Read their mission and vision statements to understand their business objectives. This will help you to make your statement more effective because in this way you can align your project with sponsor’s business objectives.

Ensure Integrity

Sponsor is a person who is going to invest his time and money on you so it is necessary for you to make sure that you will be honest and reliable toward his investment. You should be transparent and explain the reason behind this project and how and who will benefit from it. You have to show your complete portfolio to explain equipment cost, event preparation cost, marketing and other expenses. You can also provide list of other sponsors or details of previous projects if any.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship benefits are not only important for you but sponsoring organization is also keen to know about them. You should be specific while explaining sponsorship benefits. You can offer different things such as logo of sponsors on your stationery, brochures and websites and other marketing materials. You can also propose to work with the company’s PR division to promote this company as a socially-responsible company. You can also list other business values that your project can add to the PR of this company. Your letter should also explain the value your project can generate for the potential sponsoring company or individual.

Sponsorship of a reputed organization can turn your dream into reality so be careful while drafting sponsorship letter. A well structured sponsorship letter can reflect your passion in the project and your veracity in using the funds.